Enchanted Labs is a funded travel startup co-founded by two ex-Facebookers, Julia Lam and John Sichi.

Julia and John met each other at Facebook while working together to build products, programs, and tools for the developer and entrepreneur community that worked directly with Facebook.John and Julia Bathtub

Julia was an early Facebooker working on the Platform team, focused on product marketing and marketing.  She worked on many high impact developer marketing initiatives including fbFund, Facebook’s $10MM fund, the Facebook Developer Garage program, Facebook Connect, and Facebook Presence.

John was on the Data Infrastructure team, helping Facebook manage its hundreds of petabytes of user data.  He was also on the Open Source team, fostering good community relationships with a variety of Facebook-sponsored open source projects (including a term as PMC Chair for Apache Hive).

They both have a strong love for travel, having visited 45+ countries combined.  After Facebook, they both took time off separately to explore and experience more parts of the world.  On their journeys, they saw an opportunity to innovate in the travel space.  With the goal of making the experience more efficient and enjoyable, they came together to form Enchanted Labs.

The product isn’t launched yet, but please join our email list to stay tuned for updates and the beta!